Why you should optimize your websites for Google and Bing

Optimizing a website is very critical for search engines if you are aspiring to succeed in any business and get visibility among the wider community. Google being a popular search engine which commands more than half of the overall searches carried out in the world, optimizing solely for it would turn out to be a great mistake. You cannot afford to ignore Bing search engine if you want to have a solid SEO strategy. It’s worth noting that when you’re optimizing for Bing you are also optimizing for Yahoo since they are partners. Bing has 20% while Yahoo has 14% of the market share search traffic and the trend is projected to trend upward hence these are two search engines hard to ignore if you want to reach a wider audience and nearly a third of potential clients. Here are more reasons why you should focus more on Bing. The Bing search engine is included in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Egde. Its even advised to use it by multiple internet providers such as TalkTalk. When you use talktalk mail you can easily connect it to Bing and Outlook.

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Bing and Yahoo are good in specific demographics

For those websites owners who usually target specific demographics with their content, you will be glad to know that Bing and Yahoo fare well in some groups. These groups are the age group above 35 years, households with more than $70,000 income, college graduates and students, and some countries as well. Even though Bing hasn’t yet achieved a commanding power in search engines, still it represents a big chunk of internet users and its showing signs of growth in the upcoming years. Remember search traffic usually remember there is the existence of Bing search engine and not tapping to a search engine that makes up a third of the searching market will be something that can cost you your success.

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