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Reliable UK Internet Providers To Do SEO Work



Today search engine optimization has become one of the core pillars in the realization of success in marketing. Millions of people have turned away from the traditional behavior of window shopping in stores and have turned to the online space to do their shopping and search for products or services. Any business that is operating online requires SEO in order to grow and meet the business goals and objectives. Unfortunately, some webmasters have no idea that SEO has a better ROI than traditional marketing methods such as newspaper commercials and television adverts. Other benefits associated with SEO are that a business website will get more visitors organically due to improvement in ranking, the user experience in the business website will improve, it will also boost credibility and social promotions that turn into viable sales leads, and SEO will put your business ahead of the existing competition.

However to achieve all this any business requires the right infrastructure. An Internet provider is one of the key components that make SEO of any business website a success. When a business fails to choose a reliable and an affordable internet provider with the right packages that suit their needs, then the road to failure starts from that point. Fortunately below are some of the best UK internet providers that you can have a look at as a business and choose which one amongst them has what you need.

BT internet provider

BT not only is one of the best UK internet providers but also a company that you will get a high-speed internet connection without any bandwidth limitations. The company has extensively covered UK since it has more than 5 million Wi-Fi hotspots which make SEO a great job to do from home. The internet provider offers UK businesses three internet packages to choose from. They are namely unlimited broadband, unlimited infinity 1 and unlimited infinity 2. For unlimited broadband, you will pay £25 for 17 MBPS, while unlimited infinity 1 you will pay £30 for 52 mbps and finally Unlimited Infinity 2 package will cost your business account £50 for 76 Mbps. All the packages come with premium email services, BT Net Protect, free UK weekend calls and 100 GB BT cloud storage.

O2 Mobile Broadband

O2 is a great company that can boost your SEO efforts since they are the largest mobile broadband network in the United Kingdom. Whether you’re an expert using just your phone or tablet to do SEO work, O2 has covered you well irrespective of the geographical location you’re in. they have managed to produce O2 pocket Hotspots, data Sims and Wi-Fi dongles to use in your car. There plans are affordable especially to small businesses and freelance SEO experts. In car 4G Wi-Fi will cost you £7, Dongle 4G Wi-Fi will cost you £6, pocket 4G hotspot will cost you £6 .they have data bundles from 750mb, 3GB, and 15GB.

Orange Broadband

A business that is running an online business requires superfast speeds and a reliable internet provider who has got a wide network coverage. Orange broadband maybe the internet provider you’re looking for since they fulfill all these great qualities and moreover, they are affordable. They have two packages that are great for any SEO task. They are the broadband package which is charged £28/m together with line rental and has 17mbps internet speeds. The second package is fibre broadband package which has 38 Mbps internet speeds and costs £36/m. Other incentives are free 5 GB EE mobile data and free calls on weekends.

TalkTalk Broadband

TalkTalk packages are very suitable to any SEO work. The internet provider offers businesses three packages which are simply broadband, fibre medium package and fibre large package. For simply broadband package subscribers they pay £22.95 for line rental and 17 Mbps internet speeds. The fibre medium package businesses pay £27 for 38 Mbps which is inclusive of line rental and for fibre large subscribers they get 76 Mbps. All packages come with a router, no bandwidth limitations, and all your SEO tools are protected by Supersafe’ boost security software.

Plusnet broadband

To businesses that require broadband deals only plusnet has one of the finest rates in the UK. There packages suites all SEO tasks that any business would be undertaking and their quite reliable. Plusnet has unlimited package which has speeds of up to 17 Mbps, and goes for £13.50 a month. For those businesses that may require higher internet speeds plusnet has got 38 Mbps internet speeds which goes for £18 and their fastest package is unlimited fibre extra with 76 Mbps which a business would have to pay £23 a month. All the packages are inclusive of free wireless router, safeguard security software, and no bandwidth limitation.


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